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    I lost my job two weeks ago. Since then, I've attended two online conferences; I've been taking tons of e-coffees, networking, and lining up freelance gigs that should bear fruit in a few weeks or a month.

    One of my best friends is leaving his staff Sr. Producer role at one agency for a staff Exec Producer role at another and put me forward to replace him. I have an interview on Friday with his boss, and I'm feeling good about it. She reached out to me in July for a freelance gig, but I wasn't available full time -- I was employed at the time. So, I already know they were considering me for jobs in the recent past. I know what they'll pay, but my biggest concern is insurance. Usually, I'd push for freelance, but, I'm anxious about insurance coverage during this pandemic, having some paid vacation time just I get laid off again (they'll have to pay that out), etc. They are going to let the lease lapse on one of their bigger office -- a pandemic driven decision because working from home is looking like a more permanent situation, at least for next year, and then they'll probably move in 2022. Their other office isn't set up for full-time work with everyone -- maybe occasional meetings once that's a safe activity. It's mostly a studio for shooting commercials and the live-action production staff that works on set. So, one thing I can count on is that working from home for 2021 is guaranteed. I hope I get this job. And I think I'll find out soon. Ideally, I'd like to overlap with my friend for his last week, which is at the end of the month, to pass off his projects.

    • Good luck, hope you land on your feet with thisdee-dubs
    • Good Luck!zarkonite
    • Money Marge is saying you'll get this, best of luck girl!grafician
    • Yeah, shoots are weird right now. New things are coming for the conditions. I think you are going to be solid :)toemaas
    • fuck, good luck shellz!moldero
    • Good luck! I’m sure you’ll kill the interviewGnash
    • Break a leg. The insanity of 2020 is finding a new way to navigate literally everything all over again.garbage
    • HR generally pays a freelancer 70% of their hourly rate. So in determining your rate, keep in mind the FT salary or your expected FT salary, then calculate yourinstrmntl
    • hourly. Also, companies are lazy and will automatically assume your seniority based on your rate or salary, so don’t sell yourself short.instrmntl
    • In other words negotiate high but not out of scope based on the role you seek.instrmntl
    • Good luck, Shellie!
      Also, did you do a status post on LI that you're looking for a new gig? Let me know when you do, and I'll share it and spread it like butter
    • Go on shelliestoplying
    • Oh and add "Famous member of the QBN crew" in your CV, that always helps!grafician

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