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  • colin_s0

    lollllll @ the clippers for giving up 5 future firsts for paul george and spending $1.8 billion on a new stadium just for that exit

    • Jokic diced them. High PnR to get him to the center of the floor, then his otherwordly court vision to run through a progression to see who left their man..garbage
    • ..for help defense and zips a pass to them. Will be interesting to see how the Lakers deal with this. I honestly have no idea how that's gonna shake out.garbage
    • I'm Jimmy all the way though.garbage
    • jokic will get worked by davis, i think. and denver has nobody to match with lebron. i don't think the lakers have a ton to worry aboutcolin_s
    • But didn't Steve ballner pay for stadium and no handout like lv raiders shit?deathboy
    • As long as public doesn't pay rich ppl entertainment who caresdeathboy
    • Clippers had no chemistry man, Nuggets are a very solid TEAM and play well under pressure...grafician
    • Agreed that AD will help other Lakers stay at home on their assignments, because I don't see Jokic winning that war 1v1.garbage
    • I think the Nuggets let LeBron get his. Kuzma is slumping and AD's shoulder seems off again. Bron is going to feed at the line, and Rondo is a wildcard.garbage
    • Honestly can't predict this, but I think that it's going to be Lakers in 6, with JGB waiting for them at the end of the tunnel.garbage
    • @deathboy - ballmer is shelling out for stadium, still massively disruptive to inglewood & residents thoughcolin_s

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