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  • imbecile6

    I found some old flash projects, then wondered if I could export them at a higher resolution. looks like it shouldn't be a problem. when I checked one of the files, it says I modified it 16 years from now. neat.

    • What version of flash is it?!Nairn
    • CS5.5imbecile
    • Flashforlife.swfPhanLo
    • Back before moms were on the internet, eh boys?

      : )
    • back when we wanted to experiment and make something new or cool to share 24/7imbecile
    • Not missing the days of Directer. CMD+B to keyframe? ewwjaylarson
    • 2037 is the end of the Ancient Unix Calendar foretold by the Ancient Eunichsnb
    • Back when qbn was newstoday and actually sensible and relevant and not full of boobs, bums and trash NSFW....shapesalad
    • https://gordon-flash…dbloc
    • The ninth of fifteenuary.i_monk
    • Good old days!OBBTKN
    • Fuck Apple for killing Flash! Yeah those were the days, creating and experimenting in your spare time cos it was fun and community etc...microkorg
    • ..., was all excited when i could make things in flash and port the SWFs onto my media player with screen so had a 'mobile' showcase of toys i'd made...microkorg
    • ... if apple hadnt killed flash we'd all probably be still having that fun and putting shit like that onto our and friends mobiles for them to play with :)microkorg
    • Flash was an awesome visual way for a designer to dip their feet into coding. Used to love it so much, my first job out of college I was at a company...microkorg
    • ..that had some crazy Flash (& Director) talent, some of whom went onto publish books, do Flash talks etc. You'd know who they were.microkorg
    • Apple didn't kill flash.monospaced

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