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  • Nairn1

    OK, here's one for you.

    Please answer honestly in the side notes if you up until now didn't realise that The White House has two main aspects.

    • Hi, I'm Nairn - early 40s, I never realised this. Slightly worried that my brain never questioned the clear distinction.
      All these years.
    • I never realised this either...38.
      Went there years back, still never questioned it.
    • DUDE! There's also an entire extra "wing" on the west side of the building. It's got an office that's oval, mind blowing stuff ;)zarkonite
    • If there's two fronts, where do they put the bins?Fax_Benson
    • @Fax_Benson – The inside is full of trash right nowBaskerviIle
    • Of all the people on here - and especially considering you actually visited the place (!) - I'm super glad it was you who admitted as much, Baskerville. xNairn
    • @zark - a friend who i asked about this said as much about the Oval Office. For me, the bottom one here IS the WH.
      But then, so is the top one :\
    • Fake news...45 years oldoey_oey
    • Yes I knew that. That's why I found it funny when comparing the front and back facades as if they were the same.monospaced
    • @nairn: I was just being facetious but I agree, the rounded balcony one is what I picture in my head.zarkonite
    • Wait, which one blew up in Independence Day?Akagiyama
    • Clearly, the bottom one, Akagiyama..

      ..that said, I had to check, 'cos I dont trust nuttin' no moah
    • @mono - i genuinely didn't.
      As a presumably thoughftful and aware American, I'd hope you'd noticed! :)
    • i have been to DC, so yes.sarahfailin
    • how many bunkers?Krassy
    • The second one is what we normally see?drgs
    • Top photo is the front/main facadeKrassy
    • I noticed but it was only a few years ago. I’ve never been therescarabin

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