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  • Gardener13

    The small radio station I do my show from has certainly come on a lot since it was an abandoned toilet block just a few years ago. Several green fingered members have spent time making good the outside with flowers and paving (I painted the studio inside a deep purple!) The top pic was taken earlier this week, the one below was how it used to look. Check the blog of it's creation

    • How do radio stations calculate the number of listeners?shapesalad
    • we have a thing on the studio computer that shows figures but I dunno what it's called but it seems to workGardener
    • I'm not at all technically mindedGardener
    • Nice. They repurposed our local toilet block into a Chinese restaurant. I think a radio station is more appetising.webazoot
    • my show is tonight from 10pm via
    • Hello what's a toilet block???nb
    • ^ thisGnash
    • a block of toilets - ie public loo's for ladies & gents, maybe it's an English term?!Gardener
    • Towns would have these?Gnash
    • There's a block of toilets down the road from here that were turned into a Chinese takeaway, although it's been shut for years now.Nairn
    • Are you going back darn sarf to do your radio shows, or are you working from home up in Dundee?Nairn
    • I'm in Dundee now but pop back once a month to MK, I can upload show via studio server, it's so handy!Gardener
    • so in effect I am not live in the studio as it were but do chat online live to my dear listenerGardener
    • +1garbage
    • "Normally when 3 men meet up in a toilet block eyebrows may rise but these guys have a plan!" That made me LOL! Nice work!!elahon
    • thanks folks xGardener
    • Very cool. Enjoyed the transition.cannonball1978
    • fun readimbecile

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