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  • Krassy10

    • But tits...BusterBoy
    • is this an ad to defund IG?imbecile
    • But capitalism...utopian
    • lol gonna post this in COTDpango
    • You guys follow models and influencers?yuekit
    • I try to change Twitter towards more design/ tech stuff and more people from around the world. But inevitably gets drowned out by USA political stuffyuekit
    • This doesnt apply to twitter. On twitter, artists and designers follows models and influencers and then became insecure and post insecure stuff :)ekael
    • They Don't Think It Be Like It Is, But It Do.deadsperm
    • I follow a lot of 'sweet companions' on twitter for entertainment only.SimonFFM
    • How much of an influencer is Michael J. Miraflor to tell you how to live your life?deadsperm
    • I don't twitter.ShenanigansTV
    • This is not true. Its still asinine. Just leave the platformcannonball1978
    • Instagram CAN be awesome there are plenty of creators who share decent shit .. you know .. like what Newstoday was like...urbanturban
    • Come to think of it .. unsubscribe form QBN .. :) !urbanturban
    • lol you only joined in 2020.MrT

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