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  • pango13

    Ohhhhh yeah. Finally got a hair cut! Last time I had one was 6 months ago. Really started looking like a hobo.

    • I did the same last week. Feels amazing.monospaced
    • I'm personally liking my covid cuts.utopian
    • It's the only time I can try and grow long hair/beard. I will cut it once Im back at work seeing people again. (End of the year I guess)Sellies
    • i have achieved full krusty the clowntrooperbill
    • Bunch of hippiesOBBTKN
    • OMG you are spreading the disease because so selfish!deathboy
    • i had mask on. you idiot. and only 17 people in hospital in the entire fuking province. not sure if you can say the same where you're at.pango
    • I've just let it fly. I trim my beard when I get complaints from my gf, but my hair is nipple-length at this point.garbage
    • I admire you guys who can let it grow for months. If my hair gets too long/shaggy around the sides, I feel like I can't think properlyyuekit
    • Same yuekit. So weird when the hair gets thick behind the ears. Total brain shutdown. Hahamonospaced
    • I am getting mine Thursday and i can't waitBennn
    • ya there's that annoying period. just gotta wear hats till it grows longer. proper long hair takes a year and half to grow.pango
    • from short hair.
      and helmet hair takes about half a year. lol
    • 5 month hair looks like crap on me.monospaced
    • I'm just growing this mess out. long hair don't care.ben_
    • Grow it kook! ;)
      spending time maintaining hair is the ghey.
    • thumbs up.ben_

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