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    There is a small silver lining to all this doom and gloom and quarantine. I know a lot of us are spending a lot more time than anticipated with our kids.

    Yesterday I rode bikes with my older son (age 5) for the first time... Meaning, like, he rode his bike all on his own and I took my single-speed out for a spin with him.

    In all of our past excursions I've had to walk because I've needed to be there to help him pedal, steer, and keep the rubber side down. But we've put in a lot of practice time together this past week with some major results.

    He's currently riding with 1 single training wheel which he's afraid to remove, but he's tearing up the track like a speed demon!

    We rode to a school parking lot around the corner and did "races" there. We stayed out for over 90 minutes. He was so excited to have a riding buddy. I told him I was too.

    • Very nice!stoplying
    • great! sounds like quality time! :)api
    • Our whole family rides 2X a day, keeps us sane!

    • Sweet whip there, Davey!nocomply
    • Dear World: More notes like this, please. Sincerely, Everybodyzarb0z
    • Nice! Hope his biking is life long!BustySaintClaire
    • Thank you for posting this. And congrats! +1maquito
    • Stoked for you, its such a good feeling, everything else melts away. Me and my 9yo hit the pump track at dawn before anyone gets there to ride our BMXs. Best.slappy
    • :.)Nairn

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