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  • PhanLo30

    Isolation sessions.

    • thasno embraNairn
    • Going on a Google Maps holiday. Closest I'll get to Tokyo in a while.
      Edinburgh buildings don't have the jumble of street furniture Japan provides :-)
    • good stuff manRamanisky2
    • There's a small timelapse here https://www.instagra‚ĶPhanLo
    • I used to do GM trips to cities always wanted to visit, and do drawing like being in a street sketcher session... fun!OBBTKN
    • Good work man!OBBTKN
    • Nice phanstoplying
    • niceutopian
    • +ethered
    • abso-fucking-lutelykatznteddy
    • gorgeous, love your work dudemantrakid
    • This looks amazing, well done!Chimp
    • very nice!Krassy
    • That looks rad!davey_g
    • Cheers dudes! I was live streaming the drawing and chatting air conditioning and woke my wife up. She's been quite grumpy today.PhanLo
    • Love itGnash
    • Followed. Nice stuff!ben_
    • Love it. Very Evan Hecox-esque. A small series of these would make nice prints.Luda
    • Prints! Prints! Prints! *bangs metal coffee cup on table*jagara
    • I might end up with a series of these to make into a little book.PhanLo
    • Nice. Hecox-esque like somebody said. Got your own thing going on too. Kid Acne has some similar work.de4k
    • nice, love your stylefadein11
    • i fucking love the idea of people sketching from digitally-described environments. Future Wordsworths visiting alien VR realms and transcribing experienceNairn
    • I really think it's like living in the future now, being able to wander around other places. Imagine eventually setting up a virtual easel inside VR? Woooohooo!PhanLo

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