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  • Nairn1


    I just muscle-memoried "Save to web" on a 1.3gb two-layer PSD, on a machine that's not in any way set up for Photoshop work.


    • might as well just force quit, will take less time to build the file from scratch.ben_
    • haha ben_niko
    • Best thing to do is save a jpg, open jpg and save for webHayoth
    • That hurts. I think Photoshop has a limit on how monstrous a file that export window can process but it takes forever before giving up.CyBrainX
    • Or wait ‘till you are dead, reincarnate, come of age, attend design school and then restart the file. By then adobe might not be so full of bugs as well.ben_
    • CMD + .
      didn't work?
    • It might even be a longer wait than waiting for Media Encoder.CyBrainX
    • Has it saved yet?ben_
    • *taps fingerNairn

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