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  • zaq2

    • Monday threadnbq
    • which mission impossible is this?_niko
    • wth?OBBTKN
    • #NoBreakChallengelajj
    • the autobahn was angry that day my friend.renderedred
    • its like people noticed something is wrong at the last second... they dont have eyes to see whats in front of them?Bennn
    • they're too busy texting, innithans_glib
    • holy shit the video : https://www.hankyung…Salarrue
    • Black ice?monNom
    • Fucking John Wick over here.garbage
    • horrors of our own stupiditysted
    • never get out of the car, only of its the only secure optionBennn
    • impossible to stay safe,stuff happens so fast, you can easily find yourself out of that car like that two on the video.
      geto da choppa is the only secure option
    • Fuuuuuurobotron3k
    • am i the only one who thinks those car were kind of floating? not matching the rest of the video?pango
    • think it's ice pangomicrokorg
    • The way car moves and the shadow seems CGI...pango
    • Its not. Check the full length videoBennn
    • so this guy involved in an accident, trying to get help but running into traffic provoked even more accidents - unreal!grafician
    • He was trying to warn people to slow down looking at the video.webazoot
    • @webazoot he really failed at thatgrafician
    • Video is nuts. Why were cars going so fast??sarahfailin
    • cars seems to slide like they're on ice. There's clearly something wrong, like black ice.Bennn
    • lol u see a vaseline truck with leaking cargo? it's ice+stupid korean roads :)sted
    • Ice. The're on a bridge, supercooled from the underside?lnu
    • You see two cunts fall out the back door @ 2:30!!Hayzilla
    • LubeBindegal

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