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  • christ46

    My first feature. Just screened at AFM yesterday. Hope it
    might sell to the U.S.

    • Hey hey Caviar. Who did the DOP? Looks good.tank02
    • @christ; you wrote this? produced it? Do tell...ideaist
    • ...I get it; Written & Directed by Christian Neuman.

      Fucking a.
    • I'm intrigued.garbage
    • Man! Congrats! Impressive!Bennn
    • Fuck. Nice one dude.Hayzilla
    • looks great man!renderedred
    • awesome!moldero
    • Man with hammer at table. Great shot. Congrats!stoplying
    • this looks incredible!FawnDog
    • WoW! impressive work. Congrats!Krassy
    • It never ceases to amaze me the talented QBN members we have on here, both lurking and contributing. Truly an incredible community.Krassy
    • @stoplying Yeah, the hammer dude was the intrigue shot.garbage
    • Looks good. Nice worklemmy_k
    • wow, congrats! Looks great.ben_
    • fuck me, fantastic. what an achievement.fadein11
    • Nice!robotron3k
    • my god that looks awesome! and as mentioned above...hammer man... amazing shot!exador1
    • Congratulations! That's awesome!haga
    • Just from watching the trailer, Hammer Man scene goes straight to:…Krassy
    • congrats!utopian
    • casting and direction look A+inteliboy
    • Definitely gonna check this out.
      Congrats dude, this looks amazing.
    • nice! color looks great, hammer dude looks horrifying, will it stream somewhere? and what is AFM?feel
    • Many thanks for your nice comments! It is very encouraging. The hammer man is actually Udo Kier :)
      DOP is Amandine Klee.
      AFM is American Film Market in L.A
    • Great Trailer! Good job & good luckJuniorSenior
    • Very nice setting and acting for what I have seen in the trailer. Thanks for sharing. And creating of course.Longcopylover
    • looks awesome, really hope to see this! will be extra special knowing its from the mind of a QBN homie :Dmantrakid
    • Well done, really like the variety of all the backlit scenes. Clever.BustySaintClaire

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