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    2020 Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade

    "The new CBR1000RR-R produces 214hp at 14,500 rpm, as well as 113Nm of torque at 12,500 rpm. With all this power, it still manages to weigh in at just 201kg (443.129 pounds)" AIGH!!!!

    • aaaannd Necromation gives me shit in 3...2...1....goGM278
    • Wowrobotron3k
    • too much r'sOBBTKN
    • SMELLS LIKE PLASTIC!!!necromation
    • if your on a Harley all you'll smell is burnt rubbermoldero
    • OBBTKN haha I thought the same thing. Initially wondered if it was a joke. Necro, the bodywork on your new V2 is made of? ;PGM278
    • I like the vintage colors, 90's lookBennn
    • It feels like the bikes haven't changed at all since the 90s. I guess they found the optimum bodywork and just stuck with it.monNom
    • ^ yes and no. look at all the aero packages motogp is using. But yeah, bodywork design is confined to the mechanics of a petrol-driven machine.GM278
    • I think you'll see more / greater evolution in bodywork with electric bikes which arent limited to where a tank needs to be in relation to a motor etcGM278

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