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  • NBQ004

    Seriously? The new Photoshop 2020 app icon is the only one with a new rounded icon look (apart from XD) while all other 2020 apps use the same squared icon look?

    It now looks so inconsistent and when you have them in the dock.

    • oh noes! teh horror!hans_glib
    • Yeah, this irks me BUT I assume they'll convert them as they become iOS compatible?!ideaist
    • I prefer the square ones and would personally remove the outer strokes.nbq
    • this bothered me too ... Dimension got a new one toomonospaced
    • All my adobe apps have rounded corners. Perhaps you haven’t updated all?Gnash
    • ( wait, I thought you meant mobile apps )Gnash
    • totally unusablejaylarson
    • the only one with white text... WTFBennn
    • Oh that's the last straw... Cancelled my CC account over thisnb
    • LR light also uses round cornersmaquito
    • I like it. Feels new.misterhow
    • @Bennn ... the type is really light blue, not white. Calibrate your display ;)monospaced
    • :PBennn
    • Considering Photoshop is the only one currently compatible with iOS, then it's a good idea.CyBrainX
    • It stays!Hayzilla

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