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  • imbecile3

    • is it my age or did charts go to shit after 2000?hotroddy
    • ^same hererenderedred
    • Now look at the shit that is played today.…
    • who the fuck is luis fonsi?renderedred
    • I would like to see an overall sales chart too.Hayzilla
    • x2 who the fuck is luis fonsi?drgs
    • ah Despacitodrgs
    • Crazy to see the difference between the kind and quality of music in the 70s compared to the 2000'sBennn
    • That Drake guy has been absolutely smashing it for nearly 10 years now. Fuck me. I couldn't name a single song of his. (Because I'm old).Hayzilla
    • The people who are 20 y-o right now will say that the music from the 2010's were so much better and original than the music of 2040Bennn
    • Generic Youtuber background music are gonna be the classicsBennn
    • or the shitty music in Tik Tok, this is the music teens are listeningBennn
    • white people, amiright or amiright?!plash
    • what are the numbers here? cos itimplies drakes sales completely outstrip michael jackson and the beatles... and yeah hayzilla , - i cant name a single song eitwoowahesque
    • Garth Brooks? wowwoowahesque
    • Quick feat by PSY at some point lollajj
    • @woow The chart seems to reset every year to only show the top seller that year which is why I noted that It'd be good to see an overall sales one.Hayzilla

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