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  • Hayoth-9

    It embraced and exposed the evil of the Democratic left. Also mirrored democratic policies in NY, Seattle, San Francisco.

    Good movie.

    • HAHAHA... The evils of the 'democratic left'necromation
    • Pelosi the Marxist?fadein11
    • < faceplam >Bluejam
    • Embrace him...He is our very own special kind of guy.utopian
    • Necro, what do you call Antifa and the disasters happening in those cities?Hayoth
    • Is this a political thread? Yes! Well to begin the left IS the devil. They want socialism, no guns and they all cry when their bitch ass nominee isn’t elected.irrelevant
    • Oh, and btw Trump2020irrelevant
    • says the trollmonospaced
    • Troll? Bro, I’ve been here since the beginning and just stating FACTS. Can you disprove anything I’ve said?irrelevant
    • How did you see the movie?…
    • Nothing you said is true. No need to prove that. Lol.monospaced
    • Just like I thought, you must be a bitch ass leftist.irrelevant
    • evil, such a 20th century term loljaylarson
    • Somebody please change irrelevant's diapers. I'm not sure if they're child or adult-sized, but the whining is annoying.garbage
    • saying the left want socialism and no guns, is like saying the right want slavery and white supremacy government. small minded moronic view of the world.inteliboy
    • oh yes, the joker and his brother clowns looks much like the average right wing personfeel
    • I’m a bitch ass leftist because I don’t believe in satan, like you do, and am able to report the fact that there are no socialists running for any office?monospaced

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