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    Was bored the other night at home...watched a bit of Pornhub. Incognito window...stupidly, accidentally left the window open hidden behind some other browser window. I think my 15 year old son may have stumbled upon it as he often uses my PC. Have never felt so ashamed in my entire life...god knows what he thinks of me right now. :(

    • This is a perfect opportunity to have a frank and honest conversation with him about porn. Don’t let this passGnash
    • You can turn it aroundGnash
    • No idea what to do...BusterBoy
    • man oh man :)renderedred
    • "research"ok_not_ok
    • "my friend sent me a link"bezoar
    • perhaps I'm overreacting...think I'll just leave it.BusterBoy
    • dude its just pr0n everybody does it, he probably just remembers to close the window/delete history/cacheArchitectofFate
    • Virus. Son. This is what computer virus do.pango
    • “Son, why have you done this?”futurefood
    • my keeps asking me to remove the toolbar and virus stuff on his computer that are 100% coming from shady porn sites.mekk
    • That's a good way to get your kid to never use your computer again. Clever.Nairn
    • Agree with Gnash here. Try to spin it into an opportunity for him (and you) to learn. If you try to cover it up you'll just continue to feel ashamed.ben_
    • *caveat, that depending on the category you were browsing you might be a little fucked. good luck!ben_
    • My Dad used to ask me to show him how to clear the internet history, this was back in the IE days before incognito windows. I never thought less of him.mantrakid
    • We all gotta wankmantrakid
    • No worries.SimonFFM
    • just do:…renderedred
    • Dude, don't sweat it, remember when we found our dad's porn stash when we were kids? coolest fucking thing in the world!_niko
    • My first thought was.. He's probably found a new site to watch now and has now shared it with his buddies. No shame, just an opportunity to have a talk maybe?sea_sea
    • blame the dog.pango
    • Your son will not think less of you. Don't feel ashamed! We all found our dads collections and everything worked out fine.eryx
    • talking opp. agree with the gnash. nothing to be ashamed of. nerve wrecking i'm sure, but good way to spin some good out of it.umbee
    • Thanks for the words...BusterBoy
    • The big question is what were you watching that he stumbled upon? Anything crazy like hentai bukakke or just some old fashioned, mom-and-pop fucking?elahon
    • Incest porn! Lolpango
    • If you get a nice looking cup with the logo of Brazzers, you know where it's coming from.Maaku

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