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    took a digger on a onewheel the last day of burning man (last sunday) - the onewheel malfunctioned - i was knocked out on the playa for a while - friend thought i was dead. just got my catscan back and results show i have a broken clavicle, torn ligaments/separated shoulder, 4 broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. i'm having surgery next wednesday.

    • funthymes. I am in week 12 post ankle surgery from breaking bones in the moshpit. clearly signs of getting old.dasohr
    • get well soondasohr
    • shit! that is a bad spill. get better bliz. did it at least cap off a good week out there for you?capn_ron
    • thanks capn.. no regrets at all! best burn yet. i now get to combine my 2 fav things in world: snowboarding and burning man. of course i'll pay the price!bliznutty
    • Shit bud. Get well soon.eryx
    • I saw that, thought it was an art performance. No encore so I left.BustySaintClaire
    • Holy crap. This was on a unicycle?garbage
    • you deserve it you fuckin dirty burner hippy! with you non hippy tech gadgets. Fuckin up i80 and shit for locals id vote on this but have no idea whichdeathboy
    • direction has any meaningdeathboy
    • garbage: (electronic skateboard)bliznutty
    • ^ was joke. People ride those things everywhere here. I have seen people walk their dogs with them while using a selfie stick.garbage
    • https://media2.giphy…garbage
    • But seriously, hope you have a speedy recovery. It sounds like you were flying and it just stopped?garbage
    • it malfunctioned and sent me into full-speed while i was in a tail press (brakes) - at least that is last i remember - i came to hours later in bm hospitalbliznutty

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