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  • ideaist18

    I've become a bitter old man at 36. This shit is very cool, but i just can't get into it.

    Kids. Wife. Job. Introspection and deep thoughts on mortality, etc.

    It's just a phone.


    • seems most people are this way these days. phones are just phones. unless go on internet threads, android users obsessed with how apple sucks and vice versa.inteliboy
    • Same. I'm still using my iPhone SE. It's fine... or at least good enough. I actually like the small size.nocomply
    • Yeah very few adults care about this shit. The few who do are a fucking embarrassment. It's just something to talk about like the weather or TV.nb
    • SE for lifescruffics
    • Nothing wrong with being interested in tech. Nothing wrong with not either. Do what you want.NBQ00
    • I wait for the Pro Max Extra. Oh dear. Wasn't Apple supposed to stand for simplicity?SimonFFM
    • iPhone Pro Max, iPhone Max Max Pro, iPhone X Pro XMas, iPhone Xmas Pro-XDR, iPhone XDR Super-Pro Max X, etc.NBQ00
    • Don't worry, expensive phones have become a regular thing. Nobody is excited about a phone release anymore.mekk
    • I'm happy that i've been alive to see the arriving of all this in the 2000's, it was a great timeBennn
    • ^
      it's not bitter, it's just more of the same. If these came with some crazy AR/VR implementation or whatever, I'm sure you'd be as erect as a young gun again
    • I've not given a shit about phones in years - last time I was excited was when I finally got on the smartphone bandwagon and bought the then-new Nexus 5.Nairn
    • Their strategy is incremental updates. They know most of their customers upgrade every 2-3 years so they want to have a brand new model available at all times,yuekit
    • even if it's only a minor change from the previous year.yuekit
    • The upgrades used to be a lot more impressive and a lot less expensive.CyBrainX

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