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  • cannonball19787

    Ok so... plot thickens: she found out yesterday morning that shes pregnant. Came over tonight and told me.

    • Oh, dear.
      Err ... congrats?
    • What?!?jmckinno
    • Oh .. wow. haha, Enjoy the ride - get your sleep in now!Nairn
    • wth - i thought she didn't want kids? so why did she let you impregnate her?hans_glib
    • Get in bed for sleep for the next six months... And congrats!OBBTKN
    • Hey man, you put your wants out into the universe and look what happened!ben_
    • Thoughts are things.robotron3k
    • Mazel tov!Gnash
    • Is it yours?fooler
    • Plot thickens indeed...ideaist
    • Nice timingdrgs
    • I blame hormones: She's just confused. And that you have to understand. And hey: Concrats. :) Enjoy every minute.Longcopylover
    • Assuming it's yours, has her outlook on being a parent changed? Did you talk about a life together moving forward ... as parents? Are YOU okay with this?monospaced
    • if so, congrats!monospaced
    • Well, its still early and we still can decide what we (she) want to do now. But its a thing and I’m sure its mine. My stuff works!cannonball1978
    • Probably a good time to put a ring on that finger. You can bet that she's feeling some anxiety about what the future holds. A safe environment is so important.monNom
    • And the calculus becomes much different if she's not certain you're going to be around next year. If she's got you, that makes baby easy.monNom
    • So congrats! Fatherhood is likely the toughest and most rewarding thing you can do. You've never smiled so much as you do with kids.monNom
    • don't sign yourself up for a lifetime of resentment by pressuring motherhood on a person who doesn't want it. best of luck!dorf
    • ^Continuity
    • Like any average, decent bloke has had fuck all say in what a woman decides she's going to do.Nairn
    • I think thats my take on it. There are options and its to me to be supportive and talk through each one with her so she can make the most informed decision.cannonball1978
    • if you want to be a father now, let her knowmonospaced
    • She had a talk with you about not wanting kids while she knew she was pregnant?zarkonite
    • @zark, that's what I thought, unless she found out right after that talk.monospaced
    • Found out after, and now her head is turning a little on itcannonball1978
    • wow, I betmonospaced

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