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  • BonSeff19

    EEEEESH - And she is off to school

    • congrats.
      Did your school start mid of August?
    • show her this:…
    • At first I thought her preferred choice of job as an adult was "Horse Trainee" and thought 'what a curious child'! ;)Nairn
    • ah lovely, happy memories :)fadein11
    • congrats! first day butterflies.umbee54
    • The passage of time, eh? #ProudDadideaist
    • Time flies. seems like only yesterday that my girl’s backpack was as big as she was. Mine’s starting university next month.Gnash
    • Nice one :)stoplying
    • yup Gnash, mine are almost done middle school and it seems like yesterday I was dropping them off for JK. Sigh._niko
    • the oversized backpacks look so adorable on them.hotroddy
    • What's the deal on the monogrammed backpack and accessories? In the market for my son's "back to school" digs.ideaist
    • Thanks for the love, folks!BonSeff
    • awwwwwwwpango
    • Horse Trainer? There's no money in that!
      :) I hope all her dreams come true.
    • idealist: lemme check with the wife and get back at youBonSeff
    • Looks like a nice walk to school too!Leigh
    • Congrats!pedromendez
    • So cute. Congrats.CyBrainX
    • She'll be in high school before you know it! CongratsBusterBoy

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