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    Northampton has ridiculously strict laws on dropping
    cigarette ends in the street,I would have thought getting
    fined £375 for it would stop it happening but it doesn't!

    • easy money for the local councilGardener
    • Wait, your paper prints out named details of local misdemenours?Nairn
    • public shaming isn't that uncommon. I just found a public listing of a ticket I received in 2015imbecile
    • I redacted it to protect the guiltyGardener
    • Increase the fine to £1000. Fuck selfish idiots who drop litter. Their brains are too small to think beyond 1 chess move. Check mate.shapesalad
    • https://www.verywell…shapesalad
    • lol Check mate!pango
    • they have their 15 minutes of fame by appearing in a newspaper (and the newspaper has some news). odd world.SimonFFM
    • The fines are too high but the law is fantastic. Smokers continually shit on everyone around them and then wonder why laws are passed against them.CyBrainX
    • The one that bugs me most is people stubbing fags out on the top of bins.. then just leaving them there. 'You made half the effort right .. what went wrong?'Nairn
    • Peg the fine to their income.i_monk
    • or just peg them.Nairn
    • and name them Peg.CyBrainX

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