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  • fooler12

    A younger woman standing next to me on the train today was wearing a Stone Roses shirt, worn out jeans and chuck taylors.
    When I commented to her that I liked her shirt she responded. "Thanks we're having a flash back 80's dress up day at work today".
    Then I realized that's pretty much the same outfit I've been wearing for the past 30 years.

    • lolmonospaced
    • Yeah. The Dream of the 90s is still strong in my closet.nocomply
    • ha! I Live in Portlandiafooler
    • 90s skater is what my closet looks like still. goot thing i'm 42 and the 90's were 20+ years agocapn_ron
    • 48 dad here. I went to a 4th of July party wearing a Lemonheads T and Vans and another Dad kept asking me if I was a skater when I was a kid.fooler
    • She should have responded "this ain't no Fools Gold! I Am The Resurrection ... of 80's style"Krassy
    • The Lemonheads just played here and I regretted not going, but you can't make 'em all.nocomply
    • That Lemonheads show was great plus seeing Tommy Stinson open was a plus!fooler
    • 90's GenX chick here. \m/sea_sea
    • I missed Jawbox last night, I guess you can't make them all.fooler
    • Damn, a Jawbox reunion. I had no idea. Glad to see the new lineup includes Kim. Last saw them at DC Space a million years ago. Feels like it was yesterday.zombiewoof
    • well at least you didn't get "I have a boyfriend...'"_niko

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