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  • HijoDMaite2

    I haven’t really spoken about this but I’ve been struggling with major driving anxiety for a few years. It sucks big time. I’m afraid to get on major freeways for long distances up to an hour or more. Also terrified of big bridges and major overpasses. So bad that on road trips I have to let my wife drive when we get to high altitudes. It’s also an issue when driving at night at high speeds.

    I basically feel trapped in the car, like I will end up getting an anxiety attack and be stuck on the freeway totally paralyzed. If I’m near a cliff or a bridge I feel that I may fly off the cliff to my death. I have no idea where this came from. It just started around the time I got married. I was also fresh off the drugs around that time too. Used to do a bunch of coke and smoke a ton of weed so maybe stopping all that brought it on.

    Anyway my doctor has prescribed a few things that have helped but not all the way. I took Celexa for a while and it helped. But it made me feel like shit. I was always tired and had terrible memory from it so I stopped taking it. I’m still overweight and don’t exercise that much so maybe changing that would help. I’ve been considering CBD oil but tbh I don’t believe any of this shit. To me it’s all bullshit just like taking vitamins and minerals. But maybe I should give it a chance. Anyone out that can relate to my issues?

    Another option I’ve considered is just going to a psychologist that can help with phobias. Basically fight this thing head on and get over it but that sounds terrifying.

    • give it a shot, theres no danger in it, could help but definitely won't hurt._niko
    • I liken it to the effects of a cup of coffee but the reverse._niko
    • My partner has similar issues with certain driving conditions. Led to her having problems in a job in Italy a few years back, as she spacked out on a bridge.Nairn
    • Turns out she might've had a point - it was the one that collapsed in Genoa a year or so back.Nairn
    • Anyway, given CBD's an active constituent of cannabis - it's the bit that balances out the THC - i'd say it's more than just pseudo- science.Nairn
    • Give it a whirl - what's the harm? My only concern would be that there's a LOT of product out there, and I imagine most of it is bullshit/low quality.Nairn
    • Consulting a psychologist would be a very good idea Hijo +trying the CBDBennn
    • + to a therapist or psych if you can afford it. Self medicating is one thing, root problem another. Good luck.ben_
    • Hijo, I have the exact same thing. Came on a couple years ago, still struggle with it. High speeds, bridges, overpasses.letterhead
    • I feel paralyzed like I'll pass out or drive off the road. I also have my wife drive in high altitudes. Same exact thing youre describingletterhead
    • I've been using a CBD vape for the past 6 months or so, I keep it in the console. I can't definitively say it works or not.letterhead
    • I can't totally confirm it works, but it seems to (placebo effect?). Anyway I still use it, placebo or not.letterhead
    • Also, exercise, good sleep and no alchohol help more than anything, so far.letterhead
    • I've got a 7 day road trip coming up in a month and I'm terrifiedletterhead
    • You need a mantra—something for your mind to focus on in the here and now. (Breath maybe?) Has helped me. I still get anxious, but that's usually user error. ;Pjaylarson
    • I take CBD pills mostly for the anti-inflammatory purposes, and to relax myself before going to bed. The higher the dose the more medical it is, it does help.Maaku
    • But you believe in all other prescription drugs? CBD in effect helped me get through some major driving anxiety set on by lack of sleep and too much caffeine.sea_sea
    • If you do the research you'll discover why people have been fighting for so long for this to be legal. Placebo? At this point won't you try anything?sea_sea
    • You do have to figure out your dose so it might take a bit. combined with breathing and mental redirecting techniques, proper sleep and hydrationsea_sea
    • Natural remedies have been around for ages for a reason. Give yourself a chance. I'm open to sharing with you what worked for me. pm me boo.sea_sea
    • Stop suffering and yes try everything that might work for you. Thing is, we must be proactive with our own healing, it's in our hands.sea_sea
    • @hijo, reading your post was like a description of myself, I have suffered the same driving anxiety for a few years, came from nowhere. Only ever above afadein11
    • certain speed or motorways (highways). I have read a lot about it, it's common, some say it's a form of vertigo bizarre as it sounds. Wish there was a way offadein11
    • communicating direct as it would be a lot easier than on here. Tiredness is a factor for me. But my partner does all the major driving now. Which is a shame asfadein11
    • I always loved driving and never had an issue, I was over confident if anything. I feel your pain, it feels like total fear when it comes on. Bizarre.fadein11
    • Not to mention the slight embarrassment / shame for not being able to do it.fadein11
    • making another post on the thread. thanks guys!HijoDMaite
    • @fade - vertigo is 'exactly' it, as far as I can understand, at least where 'er indoors is concerned. Tight lanes and high roads and she just freaks out :(Nairn
    • I felt it once whilst skiiing - only time I'd gone out after a joint, and I just totally couldn't do it. So odd, that flavour of fear.Nairn
    • Coming off drugs caused this case of anxiety? ha ha, or perhaps thats frying your brain with drugs caused it?shapesalad
    • @nairn, yep, I think it is mainly that. But it happens once and then it's also preemptive anxiety, and that cycle is so hard to break. It's like multiplying thefadein11
    • the original issue by 10, you think it may happen, so it does. Not pleasant at all. I did have a crash on a motorway when around 19, the obvious answer would befadein11
    • it was that, but I drove for 20ish years after that with no issue. It's great to hear others who have experienced similar. Thanks.fadein11
    • P.s. i meant freeway not highways in my orig comment, normal roads are rarely an issuefadein11
    • 'frying yoru brain on drugs'? shouldn't you be in the Daily Mail comments section, shapesalad?Nairn
    • Whatever, taking illegal drugs, with questionable production, and inconclusive research into the effects of it all, is for idiots who wish to risk brain damageshapesalad
    • CBD's not illegal, is an extract from a plant that's been used by humans longer than alcohol and your precious tea and does not cause 'brain damage'*Nairn
    • * that said, high THC (/low CBD) strains of skunk used heavily by adolescent growing brains hyas been shown to cause psychosis.Nairn
    • Try again, Male Daily.Nairn

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