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  • inteliboy0

    Heads up...

    Been eating almonds. Thinking they are good healthy snack, especially when slammed with work and finding time to at least not eat rubbish.

    100g = 587calories.

    This is the equivalent to 2 Big Macs.

    Holy shit. No more almonds for me.

    • just do 50g almonds + 50g 88% chocolate, much healthier...robotron3k
    • Those are 500 calories are good ones, though.Gnash
    • applies to all nutsdrgs
    • there's more to it than that. The physica structure of nuts is such that it's very hard to break down and digest, so you're not really getting all thosezarkonite
    • calories. It slows down your digestion as well so it'll let your system have more time to absorb what it needs. You can read more science here:zarkonite
    • https://www.ncbi.nlm…
      (Married to a dr of nutrition, I've been brainwashed with this stuff)
    • "... epidemiologic studies and clinical trials suggest that regular nut consumption is unlikely to contribute to obesity and may even help in weight loss."zarkonite
    • This is a sweet table summary of health outcomes: https://www.ncbi.nlm…zarkonite
    • not all calories are created equalimbecile
    • +1 imbecile. Almonds aren’t nuts either!MrT
    • thanks for this info!inteliboy

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