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  • SimonFFM0

    Someone is sending fake casting mails to models under my name, using an email that sounds similar to mine, but is from gmail.

    Five models messaged me already, if this was real. Even though the language is totally off ("full of kisses") and all so obviously fake.

    The world is overpopulated, especially by the dumb ones, it seems...

    • sucksimbecile
    • Are they trying to kidnap them or are they just wasting women's time?freedom
    • yeah thats scary, what are their plans?Bennn
    • Sorry, I'll stopGnash
    • Oh damn that's intense.shellie
    • They probably ask for nude pictures/videos as an online casting; I was even more shocked to see some models replied to them...SimonFFM
    • send out an email and post a warning on instagram to warn potential victims about it.uan
    • Internet is full of porn, why do people do thatdrgs
    • I assume it's someone from an area where porn is blocked; but messengers and email work...SimonFFM
    • Ugh. Yeah, take the steps to protect your repution.Continuity
    • send bobs an vagene plsmekk
    • An area where porn is blocked???
      Dark times, dark times for sure.

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