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  • shellie0

    (-____-) never ran into a guy who couldn't take no for an answer before but it's a kinda scary thing to experience. Our last two interactions were awful and heated via text. I was very clear, "I dont choose you, go away." Now hes popping up on my social media liking things. I blocked him but I'm a little freaked out now.

    • yikes.inteliboy
    • My homegirl wanted me to give her his username and screenshots of our last conversations so like 15 of my girlfriends can flame him onlineshellie
    • https://static-media…Nairn
    • I am absolutely not going to do that bc he seems legit crazy. I only kissed him once and now he thinks he owns me?! It's not always true love wtf!shellie
    • I never ran into a woman that didn’t overly generalize with sexist statements.imbecile
    • ^ shellie literally said that the she has "never ran into a guy..." which is the direct opposite of overly generalizingGnash
    • how do you read what shellie wrote and come up with that as a response, imbecile? weird.Fax_Benson
    • @ shellie - smart move not to flame him. crazy people only get crazier. don't engage at all, but keep your friends postedGnash
    • "You don't *own* me"…
    • imbecile living up to his namei_monk
    • Just flame him! Whatever that means..futurefood
    • wow @ the shit responses from the QBN community. no need to wonder why there are no women on here.sarahfailin
    • I'm not surprised by the shit responses. I see them here daily.monospaced
    • There's only one shit response, mono. Mine was a stupid reference to 'I choo-choo choose you' .. or not, in this case.Nairn
    • ...not to say it wasn't a shit response.

      Just not a shitty response.
    • Too old and not hip enough to know what to “flame” someone means.
      I think of creme brûlée.
    • Okmonospaced
    • creme brûlée his ass!pango
    • I do kinda wish I could lightly toast him, but whoever said it, crazy provoked only gets crazier.shellie

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