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  • mg336

    This UK band black midi are blowing my mind. Just-out-of-high-school guys making some ridiculously creative music.

    • wow! really good!renderedred
    • Full KEXP performance
    • Huh! How weird for me to see this now - I think they played last night at the studios here. I wondered why it was so busy!Nairn
    • This sounds really cliche... but hearing that song was as close to a "first time I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit" moment in a LONG time.mg33
    • Just been to check the roster and last night was a "Secret Gig". I saw 'Black Midi' written on a notice earlier and thought it a cool band name. Damnit!Nairn
    • https://bmblackmidi.…

    • I like how the guitarist is playing that audio sample by holding the iPhone up to the pickups.mg33
    • that website is NUTS too!
    • Primus meets PIL meets Phish meets Aphex Twin meets The Libertines.

      I like it!
    • A friend described them: If an at the drive in record was skipping over and over while David Byrne sang over it and a deluxe with the reverb cranked was beingmg33
    • thrown down a flight of stairs simultaneously.mg33
    • reminds me of sonic youthdorf
    • Battles vibes toothumb_screws
    • Sounds like a mess to me.robthelad
    • worth it for the sweary phone conversation via guitar aloneFax_Benson
    • mehkingsteven
    • TBH that ADHD Slint, Sonic Youth thing was every band I liked 20 years ago... but where are the songs.kingsteven
    • tbh. already too fiddly - next record will be painfully niche choreographed clown music a la dirty projectors or wild beastskingsteven
    • Remids me of Düreforsögjagara
    • Lots of cool ideas and creativity there. I'd like to see some of that style incorporated into more of a jam. That would keep me listening.nocomply
    • meets Mark E Smith/The Fallfooler

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