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    Do you have a friend who you’d ride or die for?

    Would you drop everything to help them in a tricky situation/time of need? At the drop of a dime, no questions asked ... even if it meant having to pass up plans with a group or dinner with another which happens weekly or that you can arrange for another time?

    • do they have a vegana?moldero
    • yeah. for sure.capn_ron
    • nah, dinner is dinnerFax_Benson
    • I thought I had one. I keep learning my lesson about this person.notype
    • I'm pretty sure I've dropped everything a few times for people and only a hand full have reciprocated. Tends to be disappointing and quite frankly exhausting :/sea_sea
    • That said, I don't regret going out of my way because that's the kind of person I am. It's knowing when to stop that's important.sea_sea
    • Yesfadein11
    • what sea_sea saidrenderedred
    • As long as it doesn't become a habit, sure why not.Maaku
    • IMHO, if you're on the q00b, you're likely the ride or die friend.notype
    • bent over backwards for a friend of 4 years, many times. no regrets at all (agree with you sea_sea)notype
    • i humbly asked him for a little bit of his weekend time. he ditched me, and never called to ask how something really hard that i went through, went.notype
    • see ya! this was all my bad though.
      sorry i didn't trust my gut the first time around. too old for this shit.
    • To die for? Probably not. But to drop everything. Probably.
      I've received help a few times from friends even tho I'm the type "I don't need anyone's help!!!"
    • But I've always pay back + a bit more. I'm like a Lannister but with no money.pango
    • there was a hard decision i had to make whether to help a drug addicted friend or not.pango
    • Hope they are oknotype
    • I'd die for any of my friendsrobthelad
    • Yeah a hard sell to "die" for anyone I know personally outside of my kid. I've dropped everything and been fired for helping a friend out of a bind once, thoughben_
    • Ok, sad story: my best bud from high school decided to email me he was having brain surgery - with a wife and a kid on standby 1/2grafician
    • We fought a few years back over google - I apple fanboy, he google nerd - he said some bad words about my mother, didn't spoke for 3-4-5 years 2/2grafician
    • in January this year he emailed me that situation - I replied I forgive him, no worries - now it's May, no word from him 3/4grafician
    • If I email him back and no reply - then he dead. Lesson: never ever turn your back on ANYBODY! 4/4grafician
    • Shit, I hope he's OK, that is super kind of you. My friend turned his back on me for a practice came.notype
    • *gamenotype

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