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  • NBQ000

    There used to be a fad in the early or mid 90's with morphing effects. It seems it has pretty much died out completely and when done it's mostly done more sophisticated in CG.

    But I'm still surprised there's no real dedicated software or plug ins (?) that can do high-end morphing or am I wrong? It used to be 'Elastic Reality' but that software was discontinued like over a decade ago...

    • There is a plugin for AE called RE:Flex that does it. But I'm not sure how easy it is to use.…PhanLo
    • combination of fading and liquifying... premiere has a built in tool called morph cut, that makes the liquifying part of it automaticallyuan
    • There used to be dedicated software back then I played with all the time! Can’t believe it died. Wish I remember what it was called because it was fun.monospaced
    • Was it a Kai power tool?monospaced
    • I only know Elastic Reality which was the top morphing tool back then. You could draw splines to define specific partsNBQ00
    • I wrote my college dissertation on this. It all stemmed from ILM’s work on T2. I phone interviewed the ewok leader himself...MrT
    • http://www.fantamorp…imbecile
    • Nowadays you would likely distort a 3d plane with some bones, cross-fade two texture images. I suspect thats what elastic reality was doing back in the day.monNom

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