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  • autoflavour-4

    • utopians soulmatehotroddy
    • < Maybe the problem is your a virtue signalling, echo chambered fucknut with little or no ability to think for yourself.Morning_star
    • *you'reMorning_star
    • Well, this took a turn suddenly..autoflavour
    • Virtue signaling has to be the word of the year for 2019.. big call given it’s only feb, but damn it, it’s that kind of yearautoflavour
    • I don't see anything wrong with that, what else are you going to do? Forage for grubs and fornicate?shapesalad
    • When jokes go South.Nairn
    • fuck coffee manmicrokorg
    • coffee is delicious.inteliboy
    • No, barista-lady, I just need a coffee please I have work to donb
    • I enjoy a coffee and a good tea but I dont understand folk that use caffeine to fuel their day. Cant be good for ya.microkorg
    • for every (perceived) virtue signalling action, there's a million opposite, equally stupid reactions.Fax_Benson
    • or what Nairn saidFax_Benson
    • zer profile pic says it allGnash
    • < reconstructing faith from the ashes of bullshit. leftist. pentecostal. bisexual. social worker.

    • ^ relax guy, it was a joke.Al_dizzle
    • Jeez guys. Pretty sure this was intended as a joke, no?yuekit
    • I don't know Yeukit. I get the impression she's sincere. https://twitter.com/…Morning_star
    • zzzPonyBoy
    • I ordered apple juicedibec
    • twitted using one hand on her phone, all jacked up on caffeine, while sipping on more coffee using her other handKrassy
    • twitter smart ass contrarian for the likes & retweets.NBQ00
    • She has a point. But coffee is also delicious and healthy for you.
      I think 5-hour energy is a bigger culprit.
    • A perfect world is only a dream. Now give me a fucking coffee!stoplying
    • Yeah! Everyone works for corporations!Mattjanz3n
    • I like a good cup of coffee but when you have people waiting in line at Starbucks at 8am to pay $4 for a shitty Americano because they can't stay awakeyuekit
    • otherwise then that does seem a bit messed up. If you consume something every day just to maintain normal function, you're probably better off without it.yuekit
    • good that you have all the tools to write thissted
    • she's a free thinker guise :)renderedred

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