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  • Ramanisky213

    I can’t believe I’m just now learning about this.
    Although this works for all keys not just the space bar.

    • This is cool. Mine works side to side but not up and down.lemmy_k
    • I go to letters g or h and hold down until all letters disappear and drag across the entire keypad area and works perfectly.Ramanisky2
    • please add to "the more you know" thread!Jeremyhead
    • OMG...this will change my life!BusterBoy
    • This has been here for years in force touch devices and new to non-force touch (iPad)ArmandoEstrada
    • Not on androiddrgs
    • its on android as well. not sure since when. although only left and rightpango
    • i get language choice (i use different keyboard layouts from time to time)drgs
    • Well shit! I've been wanting some touch equiv to arrow keys forever, and there it is!ETM
    • Burn the witch!!!GM278
    • Great! tksmaquito
    • YES!!!!! I need more of these tips, pleaseFawnDog
    • You tap or touch on a screen, but thanks.Maaku
    • omfg why doesn’t Apple tell people this!?monospaced
    • they do that quite often.
      perhaps, so blogs can write about them for free ad?
    • Ooooh! :Djagara

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