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  • Ramanisky20

    • Fucking mentalRamanisky2
    • 46 meets 45chukkaphob
    • so President Camacho is 47 .. sweet
    • Literally couldn't even watch it. So embarrassing.CygnusZero4
    • alternate universe?monospaced
    • omfg, look at trump nodding as if this rambling, nonsensical gibberish is actually making sense to him ... fucking idiots all of themmonospaced
    • Put Kim Jong-Un in there as well.NBQ00
    • Does Kanye take a breath ever?NBQ00
    • And brought to you by the Kremlin propaganda channel RT. Truly this is the darkest timelineThe_Reprisalizer
    • https://www.youtube.…docpoz
    • Ramblings of a madman given a platform. Egomaniacs of the world united.aslip
    • I'm still struggling with the idea that large portions of the population are so mentally fucked they actually think these clowns are good peoplemonospaced
    • An artist who loves & hugs a president. who puts children in cages at the border & mocks handicaped people..etc. pure malice. https://media.giphy.…neverscared
    • as a Venezuelan, I understand where he's coming from when he says the state will pay you more for having more children.hotroddy
    • the more children you have the more benefits you receive. but in the end still raise useless shitheads that further depend on the statehotroddy
    • good for him for thinking differenthotroddy
    • fucking hell! is that a custom made MAGA hat?scruffics
    • fucktwatutopian
    • I'm sorry, but having more kids doesn't provide more benefits in the USA. Not in a significant way. And not in a way that makes anyone want more kids.monospaced
    • @hotroddy, that's not thinking different. That's thinking retard. We've been over this. Just because it's different isn't a reason to praise.monospaced
    • you made the same argument for the moron flat earther and his different thinking, as if it were worthy of praise in any waymonospaced
    • wow, thats frustrating, so frustrating that many black people will not vote and stay at home on 6th of nov. or for what else you put this on the show.api
    • "Trump...He started showing that he actually had power, that he wasn't one of a monolithic voice" - Kanyeutopian
    • https://pics.me.me/y…utopian
    • "infinite amounts of universe, there is alternative universe, so that its very import to me to get hoover out, cause in an alternative universe I am him" -Kanyeutopian
    • iplaneone.com is available.shapesalad
    • after all that.... "how does it feel to be in the Oval Office?" ha ha, nothing, no response to that. ha hashapesalad
    • omg, what is happeningfeel
    • Great Distractionjaylarson
    • Idiocracymonospaced
    • Holy shit, your country is falling apart.ben_
    • in fairness, the whole world is, but USA is really leading the fucking charge.ben_
    • Kanye is brilliant, told it like it is. Black independent (millionaire) thinker is freaking out da white folks again!!!robotron3k
    • Btw, while your idiots were in your anti-Kanye circlejerk, President Trump signed a clean ocean act and musician royalty act with 100% partisan votes. #magarobotron3k
    • thanks guys, for reaffirming my belief that we are screwed, very helpfulnuggler
    • Venezuela can't even master capitalism, they should not be fucking with socialismdocpoz
    • So i am guessing it was Trump that bailed Kanye out of bankruptcy...scruffics
    • phone password is 0000ApeRobot
    • Definitely going to be putting a bet on Kanye being the next black US president.microkorg
    • Americans are idiots in general fo allowing this to happen. We knew it all the time and this is the final confirmation. IDIOT NATION.fisheye
    • that was it for me...necromation
    • Politics. A mockery... how to say in Italian? Que casino. It’ll always be the same.notype
    • lol, of course the house moron says "Kanye is brilliant." really shows how low IQ Trumptards really aremonospaced
    • Hate fuel for the triggered.
      Joy fuel for the ignorant.
    • It's typical smart marketing for Tman. He gets a billion new eyes (look at these comments). The morons that vote for him won't care one bit. Those that thinkformed
    • hated him previously anyway. He's showing us that substance and reality mean nothing. 'Let him/GOP do anything, don't worry, we'll give you a show!"formed
    • Ali G's interview with Trump was way more productive, intelligent and useful than this insanity._niko
    • O shit. Here comes the addicted to outrage crowd and the group think gorillas.Hayoth
    • @fisheye
      americans are not all idiots. what you see here is what trump wants you to see. he wants to break and demotivate democrat voters. very smart and nasty.
    • This isn't a new thing. Kanye has always been a fucking moron.garbage
    • Hayoth. Please elaborate what about this entire meeting was in any way good.monospaced
    • Funny... nobody is crying ‘politics thread’ herePonyBoy
    • @ponyboy. yes. this is pure politics. staged perfect and pushed by putin-tv. the response is huge. goal: demotivate black young voters, going to vote.api
    • It's still about kanyepango
    • right, pango... and hayoth's pic was also 'a pic'... so 'pic of the day' thread works for it... yes?
    • this isn't politicsmonospaced
    • Pic of the day is for more general stuffs. When the content gets specific, then they go into the more specific thread.pango
    • Kanye rambling about nothing belongs in Kanye thread.pango
    • It’s pure fucking politics ffs... but you guyz pick and choose and define shit as you please ... lolPonyBoy
    • Sure this one can go in politic. JUST NOT PIC OF THE DAY OR VID OF THE DAY.pango
    • my point of being a 'twit' here, pango (not that you need me to explain, but others may)... nobody cries if you're shitting on kanye (in fact it's accepted)...PonyBoy
    • ... attempt to show him in a good light or make a point from the 'right' angle and suddenly it's politics.
      The hypocrisy is thick w/the left these day.
    • ... even here on QBN. :(PonyBoy
    • fine! here you go.
    • "nobody cries if you're shitting on kanye in fact it's accepted"
      that's really his own doing. started years before trump was even in headline of politcs
    • yep... you missed the point though...
      politics on the front page is fine as long as it fits some of your (QBNers) ideals... nobody cries over it.
    • he had it all. and he throw it all away because his own doing. why should i have sympathy towards him?pango
    • hayoth shows something else (and accurate) w/TayTay and instantly QBN cries 'politics thread'—it's painfully hypocritical and I don't mind pointing it out. ;)PonyBoy
    • Go Red Sox.PonyBoy
    • if you are talking about how sorting. its about sorting! that pic should have gone to kanye thread or taytay thread.pango
    • or even politic thread.pango
    • n to answer the question it was in the thread kanye was called uncle tom cus he said on TMZ slaves had a good life. thats straight up uncle tom you cant deny itpango
    • and taytay hasn't said anything that fucked up yet.pango
    • you dont want people to call you uncle tom. quit saying shit uncle tom would say.pango
    • dude...not arguing against anything you're saying...I am arguing that this is just as political and annoying as the taytay pic... I don't think the taytay...PonyBoy
    • ...pic was upsetting because it was 'political' in nature but because it went against the 'hate kanye' narrative. This is just as political...all I'm saying <3PonyBoy
    • Taytay foreva!!pango
    • holy shite! 69 comments? what did I miss?chukkaphob
    • nah, this isn't politics ... it was a video of two world-class fucktards having 'lunch' and ranting nonsensemonospaced
    • ^ the definition of politics. LOLchukkaphob
    • yes, since Trump has basically turned the Whitehouse into pure Idiocracy, I suppose you could call this meeting politics when talking to retardsmonospaced
    • @mono why do you use the R ("retard") word so much? You as a ultra far left liberal should know better that the R word is not PC! Chek yoself. SMH.chukkaphob

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