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    My votes....


    • these are too goodmonospaced
    • And the suggested ages are 5-12 so our supreme leader's IQ should fit right in.GM278
    • He is a narcissist. he is not stupid. people underestimate him. thats why he keeps winning, and curb stomps MSM every week.Dillinger
    • I inherited that lego set from my brother. RIPjtb26
    • stealing and deceiving should not be synonymous with success, unless those are your goals.imbecile
    • @Dillinger, he's not only stupid, he's also ignorant, naive, deluded and almost as incredibly gullible as his supporters.monospaced
    • He's not "winning" either.monospaced
    • poor mono, still underestimating his enemy
      you are in for a rough two years :))))) xanax anyone
    • At least I don’t support an idiotic, bigoted, right wing puppet like you.monospaced
    • If anything, I’m underestimating how fucking stupid trumps supporters are, and THEY are overestimating his success. I’m not that stupid.monospaced
    • And I agree Dillitard. Every fucking day he is president is worse than the next. Rough is right. Can’t wait for the shitgibbon to be gone so we can be smoothmonospaced

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