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    June 21st, the longest day of the year

    Around 25,000 people watched the sun rise across Stonehenge on the Summer Solstace this morning

    • That ain't 25k peepols.detritus
    • crowd looks larger than the inaugurationkona
    • Funny. They don't look Druish.DRIFTMONKEY
    • ^watched that last night.GM278
    • I count 250 peopleutopian
    • found the catVectorMasked
    • live stream?mugwart
    • 9,500ish
    • They're using the Trump / Spicer formula for crowd size...see_thru
    • I thought public wasn't allowed that close anymore.ETM
    • People are allowed on to the site during the the solstice, ETM. or you can just go when it's 'shut' and hop over the tiny fence...detritus
    • \[T]/ Praise the sun.DRIFTMONKEY
    • Rip off henge, have you seen the price of a single adult ticket? Joke.shapesalad
    • I was blown away by how small it is...I preferred Avebury.see_thru
    • £17.50 for a standard adult ticket. FFS. rip off Britain. £7.50 would have been pretty reasonable for upkeep. I mean, all they got to do is cut the grass....shapesalad
    • You can see them fairly close from the car park and save some £ or better, watch free doc's https://www.youtube.…shapesalad
    • For £17.50 I'd want 20mins exclusive access with no other tourists so I could experience it in peace.shapesalad
    • For £46.80 I'd want to be able to scratch my name in somewhere.detritus
    • It is expensive I agree. Just for clarity though it is helping fund the £1.6bn bypass scheme to alleviate the unbearable traffic round there.Hayzilla
    • nice photoKrassy

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