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    My housemate owes me almost £500 for bills. I've asked her for it but she says she's currently trying to set up a cake baking business so I'll have to wait. I spoke with our landlord and he's asked her to move out at the end of the month because she's 3 months behind on her rent too. Since then, she's lied to me about so many things, blamed me for twisting the landlord against her, avoided me, accused me of being a bully, accused me of not even paying the bills and ripping her off, and now she's gone to the police saying I've been sending her abusive texts and they want to see me tonight. Fuck, some people really do see the world through the darkest of thoughts. I've literally carried her for 3 months and now being nice/too busy to deal with her has got me into this.

    Should this be in the Punches For: thread?

    • I wouldn't post anything else about this anywhere until you've seen the police. No way you want to reference this person in a thread about punchingFax_Benson
    • metaphorical or otherwise. It could fit right into her narrativeFax_Benson
    • Cheers. I have all our conversations on text and not even seen her in person for weeks so not really worried, just frustrated she's gone this far.Ianbolton
    • Unless you sent her abusive texts, the police have no reason to talk to you. Since you didn’t do that, I hope, there will be no police interaction.monospaced
    • skip to 1:34…spl33nidoru
    • They want to speak with me tonight Mono, so see how it goes but nothing can be taken out of context when you read my textsIanbolton
    • I picked my words very carefullyIanbolton
    • Damn. Good luck. Genuinely.monospaced
    • wow sounds like a right psycho hose beasthans_glib
    • Were you friends before being housemates? Not that it much changes things, but .. well, i don't know where I'm going with this. *reverses*detritus
    • Narcissism, it's the modern version of the plague... stay safe everyone!robotron3k
    • stand by for new sign-in from "shesacakebaker"...hans_glib
    • Please, eat your briochedetritus
    • might want to lawyer up before you talk to the police and / or finding a different apartment / suing her for her debt / false accusationsofas
    • You're a fakey cake baker and I ain't got time for yooo-hoo!…kingsteven
    • yup @robo.Gnash
    • She's your housemate and you haven't seen her in weeks?Maaku
    • wow, she's sounds like scumpinkfloyd
    • yeah man, lawyer up. There's no way I'd go in to talk to police about false accusations without legal advice.zarkonite
    • shit as robo says - nacrasisum. My exwife threatens me with abuse everytime I try and get my stuff. Terrifying. Good luck and try and lawyer up.mugwart
    • @zarkonite is right and hit the gym.
      I would talk to her with with the landlord, not talk like crap and try to find some common ground. police is a joke.
    • I was nearly nicked on my wedding day under the terrorism act (long story!). Dad got a lawyer and it got myself and the entire wedding party off the hock!mugwart
    • Thanks folks. I'll let you know how it goes but yeah, they can supply me with a lawyer if I need one and I'm saying nothing at the momentIanbolton
    • keep us updated as well. I worry a lot!
      Hope it all goes well.
    • So much drama on QBN this week!microkorg
    • Good luck IanOBBTKN
    • lawyering up sounds expensivepinkfloyd
    • Tell the police to come to the premises instead of you going there. Keep and print all your texts.cannonball1978
    • So, how'd it go with the cops?Continuity
    • I'm just gonna wait for the house mate to show up on qbn now...pango
    • @Pango ... or the officer ;)microkorg
    • Come on, Ian.
      Don't pull a fouty on us now.
    • is she hot?fooler
    • sounds like a deadbeat, good luck getting that money backMilan
    • fooler...don't be a dick. that's something I'd ask!BusterBoy
    • Any update? Hope your well.mugwart
    • Are you sure it's not pockets gf?sea_sea

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