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    I've been absent here lately because I've finally done it, I went back to the dark side and took an agency -ish type job as a Sr. Producer. It's still a freelance collective so the vibe is different but still so busy. So many big contracts -- it's definately more than full time. I've been clocking 70-80 hour weeks which my bank about appreciates. That's a nice change from tour manager, struggling artist life. I guess that was a nice burnout vacation.

    But, I also have this scholorship (my 3rd in a row) to UCB (Upright Citizen's Brigade) and I can't imagine having the time to write at that level for my next class. I'm planning a week off for everyone between two huge contracts. So, maybe I'll take a week long improv intensive. I hate being on stage (I went to UCB to write sketch, not act) but I think it will help with my shyness in crowds when the focus is on me. It's a strange mix of excitement to do it and natrual fear. Now I just have to line up the time.

    Hi guise!! What have you been up to?

    • awesome!GuyFawkes
    • hey shellie! nice work on the gig.capn_ron
    • *bank account. holy moly ihate my phone spell check.shellie
    • been waiting for the PSB to start tbhd_gitale
    • I loved this post. That’s all.notype
    • I have a hard time imagining you being shy in front of a crowd. You just need more practice. You'll be great!mandomafioso
    • Congrats, Shellie. Be happydocpoz
    • UpvotedBennn
    • Shellz for Moderator!!GuyFawkes
    • hey!sea_sea
    • Welcome to the dark side.

      Kidding. I'm still an in-house... :(
    • Weird... I actually read that as bank account... until you pointed it out. Don't work too hard!mort_
    • Grats shelliecannonball1978
    • What have we been up to? Just waiting for the PSB to start. We just keep hitting refresh on QBN all day. LOLKrassy
    • Nice!!bezoar
    • I can stalk you now.freedom
    • congrats!SimonFFM
    • Congrats shellie, take it easy!OBBTKN
    • I hired a quiet from my UCB class that i loved as a project coordinator, training to be a jr producer. But she's Sunday so She'll be a full blown producershellie
    • in no time. I'm so stoked to be able to hook up the homies and finance their dreams. She's going to be a hot TV writer someday and I hope she hires me back.shellie
    • Ah whatever I'm not even going to try and correct these typos anymore. Y'all know I suck at cell phone typing at this point.shellie
    • I marvel at anyone who claims to be working 70-80 hour weeks. LOL.studderine
    • I haven't had a weekend since I started working. Add 10 hours sat and Sunday. That's 20 hours.shellie
    • Emails at dawn for overseas client. Meetings until 9pm. For instance I just got up, I'll break to shower and drive to office. But I'm slumming until 9. At leastshellie
    • 15 hrs just today of I stop for lunch. It adds up. Definately tired.shellie
    • We are in start up mode though. Building something. I just hired a coordinator that can take a load off on Monday just getting her up to speed and thank god.shellie
    • Sounds super stressing but you seem to be really excited.Maaku

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