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  • set9

    I treated myself to one of these little Gretsch parlour guitars. It's an absolute joy to play. It's tiny but sounds really full and resonant. I can sit on the sofa next to someone or in my arm chair and play without knocking the headstock into the things. Love it!

    • Planning on going to India for 6 months so this is perfect to carry with meset
    • bastardGnash
    • (the guitar, not india)Gnash
    • don't get talked into showing your bobsGnash
    • haha. India is paradise if you stay away from the cities.set
    • ah, that is lovely. if you record with these or play with folks that punch from the small body really translates. preferable to a dreadnaught in most scenarios!kingsteven
    • @set feelin the love man, go on out and travel and show us some photos when u back and play us a tune bruvhelloeatbreathedrive
    • All his work and the internet has managed to reduce the memory of Ghandi in my mind down to 'show vagine and bobs pic'

    • bet he wishes he never said it, the little perv.Fax_Benson
    • I like that sundown finish! It's 3/4 size?robotron3k
    • It's basically 3/4 size yea. It's so comfy.set
    • It's a Gretsch G5911 if anyone's interestedset
    • Awesome purchase! I bought the Martin LX1 for the exact same reason.desmo
    • How many guitar do you have now.pango
    • ^Never enough.
      What a finish, too! Great find
    • I bought something similar, black with white trim, hand made, £10 in bolivia 15 years ago. Fits in small suitcase.shapesalad
    • Nice one! I love small guitars.nocomply
    • This is beautiful! I bought a Taylor GS mini. I love it but need lessons. anyone?FawnDog
    • I had a Gibson SG special. Then I found out I had no relent, and sold it soon after. Lolpango
    • Someone get pango some relent!!!set
    • Oh... Dame...pango
    • Damnpango
    • ^ autocorrect has no relent!!kingsteven
    • Lol I don’t want to care anymore.pango
    • lol @ these comments. wow i missed so much while i was awaynotype
    • I ended up taking this back. It was a little cheapy feeling in person and the sound was a bit tinny and didn't settle in after 3 weeksset
    • Swapped it for this, which sounds incredible - https://parlor.guita…...set
    • Hmmm…set
    • I picked up a 1950 Gibson acoustic. love of my life :) sound is so brilliant. Looks like you got a gem there... how's she sound?notype

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