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    As an update to yesterday's post, I just found a letter from my landlords' lawyer telling me to either pay my rent arrears, or clear out of my flat on 26 April.

    Which means I have ten days to come up with 3275 Eur.

    I feel like puking, now.

    • And no, I have no friends or family I can borrow the money from.

      I'm proper fucked.
    • there must be some shit you can sell?sted
    • shit... it's that bad?pango
    • Oh man. I want to help.monospaced
    • I'm going to pop by the local Renters' Association for legal help, and I'm also going to pop by the local social services office that handles housing tomorrow.Continuity
    • If I give up to despair and panic now, I'm really fucked.Continuity
    • @sted: nah. I don't have any high-end electronics, other than my Mac, and I need that for job hunting.Continuity
    • Otherwise, I just have cheap Ikea furniture.Continuity
    • Sounds like a good plan with seeking help. If landlord is not a psycho, you should be able to negotiate and refinance it.shapesalad
    • Are they saying move out 26th, but you don't need to pay up - as that could be a good chance to downsize and change your situation for the better.shapesalad
    • If you don't have to pay it back, but move out 26 ~ just take a break - live/work on the Azores:…shapesalad
    • It sounds like a good chance to change your complete situation and find a new perspective.shapesalad
    • ^ what shape says. Stay low and this also keeps you productive and busy which will improve your mood. You never know this might be the direction you need.mugwart
    • what kind of residence permit do you have exactly ?d_gitale
    • Not sure how it's in UK, but in US it would take at least 6 months after going to court for them to kick you out. Whatever lawyer told you is exaggeration. Hiszaq
    • job is to scare you. Get legal help, things are not that bad.zaq
    • So sorry man. But feels like you've waited for too long and focusing only on the CD role/ job instead of trying other stuff too and side jobs.M01XXX
    • There have been friends of mine who reached out to community for help via fundraising sites (one, gofundme) where they offered service (or not) for $ in return.notype
    • Almost certain that folks will buy if you legit post something up on here for folks to purchase (or donate).notype
    • 1. Could you find a mediator first, instead of legal? Does your LL know your situation? 2. Take deep breaths & drink a ton of water.notype
    • @shapesalad: Unfortunately, I'm still on the hook to pay them the arrears, even if they kick me out.Continuity
    • @d_gitale: it's a standard residence permit that only allows me to stay so long as I have a full-time job. Right now, the permit expires 30 July, unless I ...Continuity
    • ... find a full-time job.Continuity
    • @zaq: I'm afraid things *are* that bad. German rental law is extremely clear.Continuity
    • @M01XXX: I only have myself to blame, and I regret being so stubborn until now. If I'd put pride aside, I wouldn't be in this situation.Continuity
    • @notype: I think my first steps are going to be as I outlined earlier: the renters' association legal help desk, then the welfare office.Continuity
    • Where it goes from there, I'll need to figure out.Continuity
    • Woof. Keep your head up.garbage
    • If the permit doesn't specify a work field maybe it's a good idea to get any full-time job (not saying it's easy, I don't know if you're already trying this)...sofas
    • ...just to maintain status and earn while looking for something in your field.sofas
    • Yup, I'm trying this as well.Continuity
    • If I can manage to get my way out of this mess, and my head back above water, I'm going to need shitloads of PTSD therapy.Continuity
    • if only comments and upvotes could be converted to currency? have you tried facebook likes? I hear they can cure cancer. #gofundme?imbecile
    • Sell it all and become a nomadic wanderer.docpoz
    • Having a bad day, imbecile? Not sure what good you're doing here or in naming monospaced, again.detritus
    • If you want to keep current apartment, try to arrange spreading the €3k over the next 6 or 12 months. But without the full time, you're facing a change soon...shapesalad
    • ..due to visa. I'd say embrace it, sometimes things like this can be the catalyst for a positive change to your life. You still got your limbs, eyes and ears.shapesalad
    • So it's all good. All to play for. So many options before you.shapesalad
    • I wasn't in nearly as bad a situation last year, but after 6 years in my Ldn flat, got a letter saying move out. 1 look at ldm rental prices and I knew it was..shapesalad
    • ..time to quit. Sold/gave/recycled 75% of my stuff. Stored a few things in my mums loft, but could have sold that stuff too. Left the country...shapesalad
    • .. not in a stable situation now, and had some low moments, but the change of perspective has been more than worth it.shapesalad
    • Did you get my email?dyspl
    • man oh man, been there myself, we should all try and help!renderedred
    • dyspl, yeah, I got it but for some reason mails from my webserver (Lunarpages) don't reach Gmail accounts. So I've just replied using my Gmail.Continuity
    • @Monospaced and rederedred: believe me when I say I appreciate the sentiment! Unfortunately, I brought all of this on myself, and couldn't ask anywhere here toContinuity
    • QBN crowd fundset
    • ... help bail me out. At 44 years old, I need to man up and accept the consequences of my actions (or, indeed, inaction). I truly appreciate the sentiment!!!Continuity
    • At worst you could flee Germany. Shit for all concerned, but what could they do?detritus
    • I'd need money for that. :P

      Besides, I actually do want to do right by my landlords, and pay them what I owe.
    • You've got perspective on all of this. Sounds like you're making the right moves. Godspeed.DRIFTMONKEY
    • I only know people in Berlin who possibly can hire people... I'll pass your site around and see what happens. Good thing your Facebook has all the info lolpango
    • Ha! True ... cheers, mate!Continuity
    • So what is the deal? Leave by Apr 26 and owe nothing? Leave and still owe? Have you explained your situation to the landlord?comicsans
    • Leave and still owe. I explained it to them, and I'm sure they feel badly, but they're not budging.Continuity
    • It’s tough that you have no family in Germany that can take you in...SoulFly
    • It is, but on the other hand, I need to somehow sort this myself, and do it — with any luck — honourably.Continuity
    • probably a bureaucratic hassle that can't be done in 10 days, but if someone could "hire" you on paper and you would pay them back the salary in cash that...sofas
    • might buy you time while you get any job, also part time, and continue to look for something better.sofas
    • start a page.utopian
    • ^ thisMrT
    • usually when someone is evaluating your debt they won't budge until you to come up with some sort of repayment plankingsteven
    • i was in a similar, well financially 4x worse situation about 6 years back, borrowed to try and fix it and made it worse. got a job in a university, paid backkingsteven
    • over 3 years. STILL HERE! had to move out of my place and share with some mates for a while... even that was a good decision mentally.kingsteven
    • Not CD but I was running a small studio before that. Education / eLearning needs design and management skills ATM and great conditions to get over debt traumakingsteven
    • in hindsight i should have asked for help. i met up with an investor after that had pulled out and started the ball rolling, told him what happened and he waskingsteven
    • shocked, and told me one of the other lads involved had phoned him up and he paid off his debt. fuck that pride and fuck that debt.kingsteven
    • This sounds like the beginning of a comedy moviecannonball1978
    • Yeah. A particularly bad one with Rob Schneider and Brendan Fraser.Continuity
    • Was gonna see what connections I have in Germany... But you definitely know more industry people there than me...pango
    • Let us know what we can help man. I think people here genuinely wants to help.pango
    • Thanks for the kind words, pango. Yeah, I do know some people here, though by no means a lot. In the meantime, I'm turning up at the social services office ...Continuity
    • ... at 8.00, hoping they will approve me for them covering the rent debt (which is a service of theirs), and also get on benefits. That will buy me a couple ...Continuity
    • ... of more months.Continuity
    • So under that permit, you're not even allowed to freelance online? Seems counterproductive..yuekit
    • Regardless if I were you, I would try to make the transition to working for yourself over the long term. It can be tough at first but will ultimately offer moreyuekit
    • financial security than relying on someone else to hire you.yuekit
    • Agreed, yuekit. Those issues aside, I can imagine it feels awesome to be one's own boss, even though it's a lot of hard graft.Continuity

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