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  • detritus5

    Two things I really want to try - White Castle Sliders (plural, as I understand it) and an Impossible Burger.

    Damn you, America!

    *shakes fist…

    YUM, lol.

    • Don't buy the hype on the Impossible burger. I was a vegetarian for 6-7 years, so I've had just about every fake burger on the planet..garbage
    • ..recently tried an Impossible burger and was seriously disappointing.garbage
    • White Castle is worth trying once just to know what it’s about. And yes, you’ll need at least 6 if those little guys.monospaced
    • @garbage - I'm not 'buying the hype' - just v. interested in meat replacement ingredients. I've read enough to know it's not perfect, but it's a start!detritus
    • I think cultured meat's a long way off - even the shittiest of mince needs a complex and hard to synthesise mix of muscle protein and fats, 'impossible' nowdetritus
    • Cows eat grass to feed the bacteria in their stomachs. It's the bacteria that the cows eat. Can't wait for pure protein bacteria burgers.shapesalad
    • @mono - I have no doubt it's terrible, but it's a significant bullet point on my ever-planned 'fast food map' of America that I intend to embark upon sometimedetritus
    • Weirdly-enough, that's the exact-same sentiment I shared on ars' comments earlier, shapesalad :)detritus
    • In relation to cows, I mean. 'pure protein' isn't what you're after if you want a meat replacement. Fat, as I understand it, is very hard to replicate.detritus
    • too decent 'chewy' muscle protein. Meat vats of the future will need some sort of stimulation to form muscles of some kind.detritus
    • you can already get pure protein powder, making fake meat is way more complex than that.zarkonite
    • @det If you're putting American fast food on your list, you can aim much higher than White Castle.garbage
    • The only thing that's not on my list is chitlins.detritus
    • i had an impossible recently, was pretty impressedscarabin
    • lol @ chitlinsgarbage
    • I’m allergic to seafood, the exception is the delicious White Castle fried clam strips. I love it. Plus,I always have a box’ frozen White Castles in the freezerSoulFly
    • it’s my #1 go to midnight snackSoulFly
    • Clam strips? I just threw up on my phone.garbage
    • Impossible burger is not bad imo. I recommend trying. Pretty tasty with no guilt.mandomafioso
    • Detritus, Iceland are doing an impossible bleeding veggie burger alternative called the No Bull burger. It's pretty good...set
    • Hmm, I've been trying to like Iceland recently (re: pledge to drop plastic packaging) but their food's as 'not great' as it was 2 decades ago. Will try tho, ta!detritus
    • I popped into Iceland on my way home to have a gander - it's a mulched soya burger? I don't really do soya. Thanks for the heads up though!detritus
    • Oh fair enough. Someone just mentioned them to me as impossible burger alternatives. I tried them and liked them. Can't say I know what's in an impossible one.set
    • It's all about the Linda McCartney ones with mozzarella in the middle -_-set

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