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  • kingsteven0

    This Engineered Garments Type III is doing bad things to me. I have one of their type 5 jackets from years back - on it's way out but is still one of my favourites... Got one held over, wife's gonna kill me.

    • like itset
    • ha, the only bit of that I understood was the Greg Mitchell picFax_Benson
    • all over my headGnash
    • Didn't read itset
    • just in
    • £360, lol. You'll find a nicer one for £20 with a bit of charity shop diggingset
    • Unless you have ridiculous money, spending money on nonsense stuff like this is why you're not as well off as you wish you were.set
    • hah set, i've only bought a couple of EG things new but i do have a problem. 3 cord jackets already. tbh i work all the time man and don't have kids or a car inkingsteven
    • a city where it's cheap to live and The Bureau is just round the corner...kingsteven
    • Fair play!set

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