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  • Nutter13

    I've been lucky enough to get a job at IO Interactive as a UI designer and have been working there for the last three weeks. IO makes the Hitman video game series. A lot of really talented and friendly people, so I coudn't be happier.

    • Yeah, IO have been great for years. Tell them to do a remaster of Freedom Fighters. Make it happen Nutter. If it doesn't I hold you personally responsible.face_melter
    • ha ha sure, think I'll wait a few months before I bring that upNutter
    • congrats ! best of luckGnash
    • damn, Freedom Fighters. I remember that game. One of the first I played on PS2Gnash
    • always liked the series! Hope to see your work there one day :-)mekk
    • congrats dude. So great to hear that people can be happy in the creative industries. Enjoy!mugwart
    • Congrats. Is that why you have been slacking on your 10min creations!Hayzilla
    • Help this guy:…jaylarson
    • Congratulations from a fellow Copenhagener studying game design. :)islandbridge
    • Hayzilla, about half a year ago I got behind and then decided it was time for a break from it. Might start up again some day.Nutter
    • Nice post! Congratsstoplying
    • I wonder how many children will play this game and then go out can commit mass murder?utopian
    • the mobile version of hitman is one of the coolest looking games ever…
    • Yeah Hitman Go is really cool, its also on PC and 75% off atm: http://store.steampo…Nutter
    • what application do they use to make that game?sofakingback
    • They got their own engine called "Glacier 2"Nutter
    • ^ The lighting is amazing, the Glacier engine is on par with Dice's Frostbite setup. Interested to see how Glacier scales with larger, more open environments.face_melter

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