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    So I have received a complaint against me for my IP camera set up. I put cameras throughout my apartment complex due to lack of security, theft of cars and neighbors being broke into. All cameras were approved by neighboring tenants accept for one.

    The complaint is coming from a 70 year old tenant below me. A tenant ive been trying to get removed from the complex for 2 years. My Cameras are infront of my door as well as my next door neighbors door (with permission and he was given full access as well) + My bedroom window facing our parking area.

    Now i need to study California's renters rights for camera surveillance. For the time being i need to remove my cameras. Due to shots fired at me from her according to my on site manager. i will be firing back using other issues that are relevant to her:

    Dear XXX,
    This message is from Jonathan Grant located in Apartment X located at XXX. I write to inform you of the problems I am experiencing in my unit needing urgent attention steming from the unit below me (Unit #2). First, I would like to file a complaint against Karina (Unit #2) for unfit living conditions. Unit #2 has roaches emanating out of her home. In passing I have come to the conclusion Unit #2 is not only lived in but also used for storage of boxes and junk stacked almost to waist level in her home. Roaches can be found coming out of the unit into the courtyard. The owner of this unit has 3 cats and tends to leave both wet and dry food sitting out in the courtyard all night to attract bugs, stray cats, racoons and possums. Not only is this a issue but she has run out of room to store her belongings so she has started piling them behind her parking space and in her car. In passing you can see roaches in her car due to the infestation coming from her lack of cleanliness and most likely transfered the bugs to her car via belongings that have come from inside her unit.

    I have purchased over $300 of sealer for cracks, floorboards and walls. I have sealed my unit based on recommendations from other tenants as well as the on site manager Wesley. I have bought tons of supplies to use in my extermination efforts but I find this removes them from my unit for up to a month. It appears to me to get rid of such infestations you need to get rid of the from which these issues are occuring. Although my efforts have helped stopped the entry of roaches I find they are coming out of my walls and coming from the unit below me. I have talked to both tenants on either side of me and they do not have roach issues and I do. I believe the cleanliness of Unit #2 to be unfit to be lived in and it's actually causing me issues because of her lack of cleanliness. Poor housekeeping provides the place for roaches to thrive and i feel this is stemmed from Unit #2, she is jeopardizing my quality of my life.

    I am looking forward to your response to this email. I will call to ensure you have recieved this and to see what actions will be in response to my complaint.

    Thank you for your urgent action on this.



    • Sounds like a nightmare. Might want to check the grammar/spelling, ie "you need to get rid of the from which these issues are occuring".garbage
    • yea its a draft, i wrote it pissed off and venting.. im going to clean it uppockets
    • I think it’s all very fair. Editing wise I would break each complaint out as it’s own paragraph. Don’t start with “first” unless you follow with “second” etc.monospaced
    • I also suggest offering to meet to discuss so that you seem like a nice approachable, reasonable guy which you are. It does seem a bit angry.monospaced
    • Separate your complaints about her from your concerns about her, and your concerns about your own health. Also from your expenses and cameras.monospaced
    • I’ve been in a similar, and you wouldn’t believe it, but worse situation in nyc! Crazy lady had pigeons and chickens in her place, and it was infested with MICEmonospaced
    • Just say "bed bugs" and it will be all over for the owner of the property, major fine.robotron3k
    • Move.imbecile

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