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    Designing Windows 95’s User Interface

    Three years ago I came across an interesting paper written up by a Microsoft employee, Kent Sullivan, on the process and findings of designing the new user interface for Windows 95. The web page has since been taken down – one reason why I’m a bit of a digital hoarder.


    • 'design' is a loose term for copying the mac interface.hotroddy
    • This is solid gold. Thanks for the linkCalderone2000
    • That grey colour used in the UI just makes me depressed looking at it. The bright dark blue does nothing to help.shapesalad
    • ^ yup. it just looks sadGnash
    • @hotroddy lol copying mac, do you know apple also copied someone else?fadein11
    • Apple copied Xerox, Anyway I find bottom left start menu is better than top leftdrgs
    • nice link - bookmarked. As for being a Mac copy - Windows95 was a revelation. EVERYONE got a computer when it came out. It was the iphone of OS'smonNom
    • You have to remember too that Apple was still on System 7 (released 1991) and had basically stopped innovating. https://www.youtube.…monNom
    • ^ that's not true. the software innovation lull is a more recent one, I thinkGnash
    • ^ the fact that MS came in with win95 and ate their lunch, including taking a big portion of the education market, would point to a company resting on its lauremonNom
    • Apple was way ahead of MS, but they didn't hold their lead.monNom
    • did apple have laurels to rest on in 91? they were still struggling for marketshare back then, as far as I remember. I could be wrongGnash
    • what's the benchmark for lead anyway? money?monospaced
    • Lead in terms of sophistication of their OS, the Mac was way ahead of the PC in many ways up until win95.monNom
    • haha, okaymonospaced

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