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  • VectorMasked8

    Yay! I'm back home from the emergency room.

    Had an accident last night while cycling.

    Entire left side hurts. The pain was so massive I could not move for 5 mins while laying down on the pavement. Everything from my ankle, knee, hip, arm, shoulder, head, and chest hurt.

    Docs were concerned about internal damage but was cleared for that. Do have a couple of rib fractures.

    Can't stand up, can't sit down, can't lay down, can't breathe, can't really move much.

    Thank god for Netflix. Will watch the hell out of it the next few days.

    • Grew up thinking helmets were for pussies, but goddamn do they work.VectorMasked
    • damn man!GuyFawkes
    • yes they do, i wouldn’t be here without helmets (mc crashes) neither would omg (retard)GuyFawkes
    • yeah... you look like a fucking idiot w/your head wrapped in plastic but admittedly I probably wouldn't be around if not for one (mtn. biking in my early 20's)PonyBoy
    • glad you're okay btw ;)PonyBoy
    • glad you're okay Vector. did you get hit, or just go down on your own?capn_ron
    • No contact with the car. Before impact with the car, the moment I applied both brakes, the inertia and me trying to turn into an armadillo mid-air helped me...VectorMasked
    • avoid the car. Thing was that I was approaching an intersection and some stupid rock or something made me lose a little control but not enough to make fallVectorMasked
    • Could have easily recovered in a second, but my immediate insinct with the intersection, the vehicle, the darkness... was to try to come to a full stopVectorMasked
    • Had I tried to recover after running over that rock or whatever, it could have been a real mess. Didn't really have the luxury to react a second later.VectorMasked
    • Feel better man! Never trust the hussle of the city for cycling, please stick to the woods next time if you can, safer and cleaner air.helloeatbreathedrive
    • sounds like a perfect storm. Glad you are not worse than you are though. Don't laugh at any jokes, or sneeze with those ribs the way they are!capn_ron
    • Cracked ribs are the worst, my condolences. Glad you're alright.garbage
    • ugh, glad you're ok vm, cuidate!sea_sea

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