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  • HijoDMaite2

    • PrometheusRamanisky2
    • They have been working on this for over 40 years.lemmy_k
    • we've lost so much skill as we've moved into the future...robotron3k
    • have we?fadein11
    • Lemmy, this may be done when our grandchildren are dying. Isn’t it like one family working on it?HijoDMaite
    • So that's how they built the sphinxMaaku
    • Chief Notsureifshartdetritus
    • https://crazyhorseme…imbecile
    • "We've lost so much skill" lol, wtf are you talking about?garbage
    • Backstory on this: It's owned by a family of con-artists that will absolutely never finish this project. I went there about 5 years ago, and it was shit.garbage
    • You pay at a gate way down the hill. They don't tell you that only gives you access to their shitty "museum" and theater.garbage
    • If you want to go up to the face, you have to overpay for a janky-ass bus ride. It's total bullshit. Rushmore and Yellowstone are nearby, avoid Crazyhorse.garbage
    • https://www.tripadvi…garbage
    • In summary, I paid $50 to visit a gift shop with a distant view of the monument.garbage
    • HijoDMaite, what was said in most of the comments is true. It will never be finished. I went when I was 9 and again at 40 something and it hasn't changed.lemmy_k
    • @lemmy It would be amazing if finished, but the family that runs it is totally corrupt. Sorry that you went twice.garbage

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