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  • monospaced37

    • Hey Mono - not how I imagined you. You seem really comfortable in your new roll!
      congrats again
    • Doing my best, thanks. This was our first walk around the city in a stroller. Proud daddy.monospaced
    • It was the perfect day for it! Aw, good on you two :)notype
    • What a cute lil monkey.omg
    • don’t take the bait monoGuyFawkes
    • Congrats mono...you look truly happy:)utopian
    • Nice pic broHijoDMaite
    • what?!?!?! this is how you look? i wasn't expecting anything specific but this was unexpected. nice smile!oey
    • Nice pic man, felicitaciones!maquito
    • Congrats dude. You’re glowing. Lol.dopepope
    • Cincin! And also chiming in on the "not at all how I pictured you" thread.garbage
    • nice!!!loool
    • Ace pic. Congrats again :)fadein11
    • For the record this is exactly what I pictured. Congrats!ben_
    • Excelente!Salarrue
    • Congrats and welcome to the proud dads club!microkorg
    • Yeah mono, you look like this is where you belong. Congrats.capn_ron
    • Very disappointing.i_was
    • yes, he's definitely glowing.oey
    • Nice pic! Being a dad is awesome - soak it inbezoar
    • congrats! I'm so glad I'm past the baby days -- all the gear is so much more expensive now, and way cooler stuff, as well. i'd be a sucker for the good$Gnash
    • Thanks. Shit ain’t cheap but it does seem built to last. We are doing it nyc style though, so things are a bit more minimal and multifunction. :)monospaced
    • Hey little guy! welcome to da Qoob :) Look how proud and happy your dad is :)sted
    • :)monospaced
    • thumbs upd_gitale
    • Mono, you sure you're not Mexican?robotron3k
    • robo, you've never even met a Mexican, or else you wouldn't ask such an ignorant questionmonospaced
    • Congrats, Mono. Now I don't mind that you missed QBN NYC Drinks last week.CyBrainX

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