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    Why do you need to download so many albums? Aren’t you on WiFi or data 95% of your day?

    I have unlimited data through my carrier, but many don’t. Is that why? You don’t want to use your data?

    • it might be a Canadian thing.... we don't/rarely have unlimited data.pango
    • I have 4 ipods for salefadein11
    • Not downloading Hijo, just adding em to the library, not the sameBennn
    • Male multiple playlists. I have way more music than 10,000 songs. They just aren’t in one list. Jeez.monospaced
    • all music, absolutely all, is on youtubedrgs
    • All music on YouTube is absolute, bottom of barrel shit quality sound. Worse than anything in over 50 years of music reproduction. Ugh.monospaced
    • Probably the worst way to find and create playlists known to man too. Why would you suggest such garbage?monospaced
    • ahh, im with drgs... youtube is the best. used to spend hours on playlists... never did me any good :) 192kbps AAC, does me fine.kingsteven
    • Couldn't get rid of those ads. So no YouTube for me.pango
    • lol @ using Youtube for music. Real music addict dont do that.Bennn
    • "real music addict" -- makes me think of those losers with $7250 diamond-encrusted harshness-eliminatin... audio cablesdrgs
    • if 10,000 songs is not enough for you, you clearly have no preference for any music, just ready to collect any surrogate trash you can finddrgs
    • Lol at shitting on YT - I download live shows and tracks that only exist as white label vinyl - I don't give a fuck about quality, the music itself is importantface_melter
    • I guess real music addicts stick their nose up at scratchy 7" singles from the 70's. Jesus fucking Christ.face_melter
    • bennn is qbn's resident dotard. why anyone argues with or expects intelligent discourse from him remains beyond me. #likenooneimbecile
    • hi imbecile!Bennn
    • ugh, why are people so okay with listening to music at a lower quality than they did 20 years ago? YouTube is such shit it absolutely ruins musicmonospaced
    • music addicts DO turn their noses up at scratchy records, because they sound like shit ... anyone would. comparison is meaninglessmonospaced
    • @kingsteven, music on YouTube isn't recorded at or translated at 192kbps AAC, so that spec is also meaninglessmonospaced
    • IF you think YouTube music sounds good, you either have really low quality (entry level) or you don't how it should sound in the first place (ignorant).monospaced
    • ** low quality listening equipment (laptop speakers, gameboy headphones, iphone speaker, echo dot)monospaced

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