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    I switched to Spotify this morning because the UI of Google Play Music sucks. I like it very much! BUT BUT BUT... I just discovered that there's a limit of 10,000 tracks you can add to your library.... WTF WTF!!!!!!!!! I just reached it.... Now I'm supposed to delete stuff to make room.

    • WTF x1000 it sucks big time!Bennn
    • 10,000 tracks? How many Albums is that?oey
    • like ~600 albumsBennn
    • It really sucks... I prefer the UI of Spotify but it looks like I will need to stick to Google Music... their limit is 100,000 songs. Fuck!Bennn
    • Spotify is made for millenials who started listening music in 2008. I started listening music in the 80's ive got a lot to add! lolBennn
    • Just read each Playlist you create can contain 10,000 tracks max. So the solution is to split my main Library in Playlists...Bennn
    • good to know - am about to sign up for the free 3-month trialFax_Benson
    • "At the moment we don’t have plans to extend the Your Music limit. The reason is because less than 1% of users reach it."
      - Spotify
    • I'm creating Playlist like Main Library [A - J], Main Library [K - P] etc. to resolve the problem... it sucks cuz the albums are shown in big in the Library butBennn
    • only as a text list in the Playlists.Bennn
    • Music has changed people. We now have to think Playlists and not Music Library...Bennn
    • Why do you need to add them to your library? If you've got 10,000 you'll need to search to find things, so you may as well just search Spotify.MrT
    • Cuz I like to look in my Library to rediscover my music... Otherwise I may forget about some stuffBennn
    • I'm building genre Playlist at the moment to split the library. Its the only way. Like ive said each Playlist can contain 10,000 songs.Bennn
    • nahhh you switch because of the 3 months free deal.
      i was about to switch but too late when i remembered....
    • lol i just hit random most of the time. or search the artist or album when it pops into my head. never really save anything.pango
    • Try buying music and giving money to the artists instead of renting it.face_melter
    • Yea, I don't really save anything either, maybe a few songs here and there.futurefood
    • I stopped building a collection on spotify years back after licensing issues would make albums disappear. Annoying as hellfuturefood
    • Spotify has changed the game, I have not opened iTunes intentionally for like 4 years at least. if you want to optimize how you search tunesMiguex
    • having multiple categories is way more efficient than having everything on a single folder, you might as well have no folder if you want to search 10.000 songsMiguex
    • I've had Spotify for 5 years now ..
      no complaints here.
    • face_melter, is best to go to their shows and pay cover/ buy merch actually. That way the money goes directly to the artist and you can skip the label cutMiguex
    • and if you can't make it to the show, buy tix anywaysMiguex
    • let go of your hoarding instincts and embrace the stream!fadein11
    • lol fadein11
      break out of the mentality that you need only those 100k tracks, there is unlimited music now and it keeps growing by the minute
    • lol indeed.fadein11
    • I really like Amazon Musicnotype
    • whoaaaa amazon has music? and its included on prime? i'm gonna give that a go.pango
    • just checked it... amazon music library seem to be a bit smaller compare to spotify and google.pango
    • Amazon music sucks donkeys ballzzzzBennn
    • I dont want any more physical media... take too much space, cost too much money. I go to thw shows of my fav artistsBennn
    • I keep a .txt file listing all my favorite albums to never forget about one for the future if Spotify or the web explode.Bennn
    • I really adopted the cloud. Im paperless, CDless, DVDless... Al digital. All my files are in the cloud.Bennn
    • benn is transcendentpango
    • I'm happy w/ it. Found everything I've been looking for.notype
    • couldn't find any synthwave at all!pango
    • What's wrong with the goblet play UI? Works perfectly and intuitively for me...set
    • YT Autoplay has an amazing algorithm working right now. Choose a dope track and let YT play for a couple hours, you'll be stoked at the stuff it finds.HijoDMaite
    • My favorite thing about music is exploring new artists. The related functionality of most platforms is sufficient. Hoarding digital music is new to me.imbecile
    • I'm listening to Kylie Minogue now. Cuz of the damn suggestions. And I liked it... My street cred just went down so much.pango
    • @set each time i delete a track or add it to a playlist, the page scroll up after a 2sec load. Its an example. Really tired of this.Bennn
    • after 2 days, I can tell you Spotify is much much quicker and the UI look luch betterBennn
    • The reason I switch to Google was because the 4 months free promotion.pango

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