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  • Fabricio29

    Yeti + Golden Lion Tamarin
    (Rendered with Redshift for C4D)

    Really starting to dig this render :)

    • So cool. Like it a lot...set
    • that's greatFax_Benson
    • dr. mephesto you did a really good job with this one! give the poor yetilion a hug :Dsted
    • Hehe, thanks guys!Fabricio
    • Nice. Looks like a render time nightmare ;-)Hayzilla
    • @Hayzilla Actually, with Redshift is super fast since its GPU render. It took less than an hour, 400 frames.Fabricio
    • It was a smaller size (800 px square) but this render is a BEASTFabricio
    • nice, maybe the dynamics react a bit too much like it is underwater.ApeRobot
    • Love itdopepope
    • So many fluff!Bennn
    • Oh come on, its a magical creature ApeRobot :)Fabricio
    • love it.hans_glib
    • Fabricio, sorry, you're right. ;)ApeRobot
    • But its a good feedback ApeRobot, For some reason, whenever I work with hair, I always try to get it super slow motion and etc..Fabricio
    • But I dont think I would even attempt to get a very realistic approach, because I would suck at it, for sure.Fabricio
    • Super cool work Sir Fab!Chimp
    • he looks tired and/or annoyed. cheer up buddy ! nice workd_gitale
    • dopescarabin_net
    • I like the slowmo/underwater effect here. It gives him more of an undead style.CyBrainX
    • Thanks guys!! <3Fabricio
    • Ha CybrainX! I actually used an undead to get the walk reference :) I wanted to be like a slow walking yeti-monster thing :)Fabricio
    • Gracias Chimp!! heheheFabricio
    • magical. congrats on your talent. i am jealous.HijoDMaite
    • dopeprophetone

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